Driveshaft Repair Driveline installation repair parts and services

Driveshaft Repair Driveline installation repair parts and services



Driveshaft Rebuild - Shafted Our full-service truck repair shops offer driveline installation and repair services for a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty trucks and Semi truck and Commercial box trucks.

more than simply sell new driveshafts.  We offer a wide variety of driveshaft repair options for semi trucks, trucks, agriculture and industrial applications.  A vibration, broken u-joint or worn slip yoke doesn’t always mean you need a new driveshaft.  We can often times repair your old driveshaft for less than the cost of a new one.  Customers from all over the United States and Canada send their driveshafts here for service.  Our combination of quality parts, expert service and quick turnaround keep customers coming back.



How do I know if I have a driveshaft problem?

Symptoms of a worn or damaged driveshaft most commonly show up in the form of vibrations – shaking felt in the driver’s seat, steering wheel or floorboards.  You may also hear clunking noises at start up or shifts which often is caused by worn universal joints.  Worn double cardan CVs can make a chirping noise when the driveshaft rotates.  Sometimes driveshaft angle problems on lifted or modified vehicles can cause vibration or noise.  Many vibrations, shakes and noises can be the sign of a driveshaft issue. 

Our professionally trained and certified technicians use the latest diagnostics and specialized tools to ensure proper phasing, mounting, angles, alignment and lubrication. We offer expertise and experience you won’t find anywhere else, making us your go-to source for quality drive shaft repairs and installation.

Semi Truck Drive Shaft for Sale & Repair Services

We have a highly trained team of driveshaft technicians that can troubleshoot and repair semi-truck driveshafts. We also offer 24-hour emergency semi drive shaft repairs to help you minimize downtime and keep your trucks moving.

Our three driveshaft repair shops are equipped with a full line of parts and machinery to get your heavy-duty truck roadworthy in no time. We only stock the highest quality component parts backed by OEM manufacturers such as Meritor and Spicer and come with full warranties. 

If you are looking for a high-quality semi-truck driveshaft provider or repair service, contact the pros at Driveline NW today

New Driveshaft For Your Semi Truck

Here are some common indicators that it’s time to have your heavy-duty driveshaft repaired or replaced.

  • Unusual noise. You might hear a squeaking, clunking or rattling noise that gradually gets louder as you increase the speed of your truck. Driveline noises are usually indications of worn-out splines or slip joints, loose or damaged universal joints or center bearings.

  • Vibration. 

  • You might notice that your truck vibrates it is time to call the experts at Drivelines NW. We can inspect, repair, and balance any driveline. 

Because heavy-duty trucks are often the biggest vehicles on the roads, it’s essential that every part of the driveshaft is working optimally. It’s the responsibility of owners and drivers to make sure that their vehicles are kept in good condition and roadworthy.

If you’ve noticed some of the above-mentioned issues with your heavy-duty truck, visit Drivelines NW. We have a trained team of semi-truck driveshaft experts that’s ready to help assess, repair, or replace your truck’s driveshaft.

Our Semi Truck Driveshaft Repair Specialists

Our driveshaft technicians strive to be the answer to your semi-truck driveshaft issues. With three different locations in The United States and Canada, our team of heavy-duty truck experts is ready to lend you a hand and ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. 

  • Spicer  Factory Authorized Service for all Spicer Life (O.E.M.), Spicer Lite(aluminum) and 10 series shafts

  • Meritor / Rockwell Factory Authorized Service.

  • Balancers from Rockwell, Axi-Line and Powertrain.

  • The Northwests largest Driveline only inventory.

  • Steel, Chrome Molly, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber shafts available

  • Cardan, Double Cardan and Constant Velocity U-Joints service available.  

  • Balancing from 100 to 4000 RPM

  • On Site Vibration troubleshooting and analysis.

  • Design and Engineering Services Available.


Since 1972 Drivelines Northwest has been warehousing the world's premium driveshaft component parts.  Our lines include several of the leading OEM and aftermarket parts manufacturers.  Our stocking inventory includes universal joints, all types of driveline yokes and attaching yokes as well as companion flanges, end yokes and hardware for installation. Our lines include:

Import shafts

Many import vehicles have "un-repairable" universal joints. We have a solution for nearly all of these. We offer same day shipping on most complete BMW and Mercedes Benz drivelines and can repair most other import shafts in one day. Our process includes universal joint or yoke replacement and balancing to factory specifications.


  • Carrier Bearing Replacement
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Driveline Installation & Replacement
  • Driveline Phasing & Rebalancing
  • New Driveshaft Fabrication
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • U-Joint & Constant Velocity (CV) Joint Replacement