Semi Trailer Repair Mobile Trailer Repair Services

Semi Trailer Repair Mobile Trailer Repair Services

Trailer repair shop and Mobile Semi Trailer Repair Our trailer repair and maintenance services include:

axle service

Trailer Axles

We carry a huge selection of high-quality axles in stock, and install them correctly, ensuring it is true with the trailer.

service brakes

Brakes & Bearings

Whether you have mechanical, electrical or hydraulic brakes, we can help maintain, repair or replace them.

electrical service

Wiring Repair & Installation

One of the most common frustrations: We can install or fix virtually any wiring needed, including plugs, harnesses, lights or brakes.

welding service

Fabrication, Welding & Custom Work

Because so many trailers are unique, custom work may be required to repair or maintain them. We offer complete welding and fabrication services to strengthen floors, repair or replace couplers or complete other service work.

Contact Us today to arrange for trailer drop-off in our secure storage lot.

Trailer Body Repair
Trailer body damage happens frequently and may be worse than it appears, sometimes compromising the structural integrity of the trailer. Trailer body repair requires special equipment, tools, and most importantly, expertise. An experienced technician will investigate damages from every angle, taking all associated components into consideration to ensure safe and successful long-term repairs. From minor dents to complete rebuilds, the expert technicians at Semi Trailer Services can assist you with any trailer body repair.

ICC Bumper Repair and Replacement
A semi-trailer’s ICC Bumper is often damaged in an accident or from normal repeated docking operations. Damaged ICC Bumpers must be promptly returned to as-built condition to avoid costly fines and potential liability. This means using the same parts and specifications that the trailer manufacturer used. Semi Trailer Services has experience with all trailer manufacturers, so you can be confident that your damaged ICC Bumper is always repaired or replaced using the correct parts and specifications.
Trailer Refurbishment and Restoration
Trailers can deteriorate over time due to weather and use. Fortunately, Semi Trailer Services can make your old equipment look like new. If you have equipment or are considering purchasing a trailer or box truck that needs to be restored or modified to fit your particular use case, we are here to help. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and application to ensure that your trailer not only looks like new again but meets your exact needs.

Floor Repair and Replacement
Just because the floor of your trailer looks fine, does not mean that it is. Salt and road grime can rot a trailer from underneath, while frequent loading and unloading of cargo can impact the strength and durability of a trailer’s floor over time. Trailer floor repairs are an inevitable part of trailer maintenance. From loose or rotted boards to cracks in aluminum or a weld separation, you can trust Semi Trailer Services to properly replace or repair your trailer floor.
Landing Gear Assembly and Crank Repair and Replacement
Most landing gear repairs are a result of not performing regular maintenance or misuse. Having a skilled technician check over your trailer’s landing gear system to make sure that everything is working the way it should and ensuring it is greased every three to four months can help identify early signs of damage, allowing you to get it taken care of before it gets worse. Let our team do the heavy lifting. Stop by our Service Division today to have your landing gear system inspected or repaired.

Door Repair and Replacement
Due to the amount of use trailer doors undergo, we have repaired and replaced a lot of trailer doors over the years. Many costly swing and roll door replacements can be avoided by addressing the issue when the door first starts malfunctioning. Regardless of the type of trailer or the style of door, our experienced technicians can expertly identify and address common trailer door weaknesses, from hinge damage and rot on swing doors, to broken panels and misaligned tracks in roll-up doors.

Frame and Structural Repair
Most regularly used trailers will experience some sort of frame damage caused by road conditions, heavy hauls or accidents. Damage to the trailer frame requires immediate and careful attention to avoid towing and safety issues and costly future repair bills. The trailer frame repair experts at Semi Trailer Services have the experience and state of the art equipment required to properly repair any trailer frame according to any manufacturer’s specifications.
Lighting and Electrical Diagnostic and Repair
Damage to a trailer’s lighting or electrical system is often challenging to diagnose and sometimes even more challenging to repair, depending on the location of the damaged element or wires. The Service Technicians at Semi Trailer Services will identify malfunctioning wires and loose connections by isolating each area individually and tracing the lines until the problem is identified. From replacing a seven-way receptacle to rewiring the main harness, our team can help.

Roof Repair and Replacement
The lightweight structure of trailers is heavily reliant on the roof and rails for support, so even the smallest roof leak can compromise the trailer structure if not repaired correctly. Proper, timely roof repair results in less labor, downtime, damage, and money lost in the long run. Whether it is translucent, fiberglass or aluminum, our experienced technicians can repair or completely replace your roof correctly, quickly, and affordably to avoid any further damage.

Air Systems Diagnostic and Repair
Proper maintenance and repair of your trailer’s air brake systems is crucial to safe and efficient stopping. Dirt, oil, and moisture can clog up these systems resulting in uneven, insufficient, or slow application, system leakage, or brakes that do not release or apply and will ultimately cause a break down or accident. Semi Trailer Services has been helping customers avoid these unnecessary breakdown costs and accidents for more than four decades.

Brake System Diagnostic and Repair
Daily wear-and-tear, dirt and debris and corrosion take a toll on trailer brakes and can affect braking stability and stopping distance. Reduce the risk of downtime and potential accidents with regular cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of brake equipment. Whether you need routine maintenance, drum/shoe and cylinder repair or replacement, brake pad and rotor replacement, wheel bearing re-packing and adjustments, or have a different brake-related issue, we’ve got you covered.

Suspension Repair and Replacement
Serious safety issues and extensive damage to the trailer or the tractor can occur when one of the many components that make up a trailer’s suspension becomes worn or damaged. Experiencing unusual tire wear-and-tear or increased steering wheel and in-cab vibration? Bring your trailer to Semi Trailer Services. One of our knowledgeable service technicians will carefully inspect and provide a complete diagnosis of your trailer suspension, as well as repair any problem you have.

Welding and Fabrication
Semi Trailer Services provides high-quality welding and fabrication services to all industries. If you need welding done on steel or aluminum, our team has the training and experience to handle any job. Whether you need upper coupler fabrication, have a worn king pin that needs to be replaced, need subframe repair or even a complete replacement, we can help. Our certified welders will use the latest equipment and techniques to make sure your trailer exceeds your expectations.

Refrigeration Unit Diagnostic and Repair
Not all trailer repair shops provide reefer repair service because it requires specialized tools and equipment, and it can be difficult to find qualified service technicians. Semi Trailer Services provides comprehensive refrigerated trailer service, including maintenance and repair services for Thermo King reefer trailers and Carrier Transicold reefer trailers. Our service technicians are highly skilled and equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to guarantee the best result.

Decal Removal and Installation
Removing adhesive vinyl graphics from a semi-trailer presents a few challenges. Most methods of decal removal require the use of strong solvents and chemicals used to dissolve the adhesive but using harsh solvents in the large amounts necessary for semi-trailer de-identification is hazardous. At Semi Trailer Services we use a safer alternative - steam. View our latest decal removal video to see for yourself how the process works.

Lift Gate Installation, Repair and Service
Semi Trailer Services has long-standing relationships with most major lift gate manufacturers and provides full installation and repair services for all types of lift gates, including conventional, raillift/railgate, and stowaway/tuckunder/flipaway. Our team can help you find the right lift gate for your business needs or keep an existing lift gate in proper working order so you can get the job done! From minor service to serious damage, our experienced technicians are here to help.

Trailer Customization
If you have an existing trailer that no longer meets your needs, or are considering purchasing a new or used trailer that doesn’t have the exact specifications required for your business, modifications could be cheaper than purchasing a different trailer. From shortening the height of a 53’ dry van trailer to converting rear swing doors to an overhead roll door, we have done it successfully. When it comes to trailer modifications, no job is too big or too small for our experienced team.

Top 20 Semi Trailer Brands


Doepker Industries is Saskatchewan’s trailer manufacturer of the year 2018. Their semi-trailers have the least depreciation value than any other brand. It’s because they are designed for heavy hauls. Doepker sells made to order trailers for deck, grain, gravel, logging, and oil-based fleets. 


Since 1973, Doonan Trailer Corporation has manufactured aluminum, combo, and steel semi-trailers. They approximately produce 400 specialized trailers every year. These include double drops, drop decks, extendible, flatbeds, oilfield trailers, and RGN lowboy.

East Manufacturing

East Manufacturing has a network of 75 dealers across North America. For 50 years, such brand rules in providing highly-specialized aluminum trailers. These semi-trailers are light-weight and are specially designed for heightened MPGs.


Fontaine Commercial Trailers manufactures the largest platform trailer in North America. Founded in 1940, the brand’s portfolio includes a list of heavy-haul semi-trailers. These include extendable, hydraulic tails, and lowbed.


For 45 years, Felling Trailers has offered 240 different trailer models. They commonly cater to construction, government, telecom, and utility companies. Their semi-trailers are classified as top-class, being ISO certified since 2017.

Great Dane

Great Dane is a leading semi-trailer manufacturer for foodservice innovation. For 120 years, they’ve been popularly manufacturing six trailer brands. These are Alpine, Champion, Everest, Freedom, Johnson, and Sahara.


Founded in 1901, Heil Trailers manufactures the lightest stainless steel petroleum trailers. The brand is known for designing semi-trailers that haul asphalts, cryogenic, crude oil, dry bulk, and petroleum.

Hyundai Translead

Hyundai Translead is today’s number one trailer manufacturer in the U.S. They have been ISO 9001 certified for 20 years now. Their semi-trailer product line includes chassis, dollies, 

, flatbeds, and refrigerated trailers. 


Kentucky Trailers is a specialty trailer producer. Founded in 1879, it’s originally a wagon company. Today, they customized semi-trailers such as Equestrian, Skyview, Specialty Expendables, Water Filtration, and Water Fracking.


MAC Trailers has triple ISO certification, being in the business for 22 years. They offer semi-trailers with competitive pricing. They also offer repair services, semi-trailers towing, and sell aftermarket parts. MAC is a popular manufacturer of aluminum and steel trailers. These include: dumps, drop decks, flatbeds, pneumatic tanks, straight trucks, and transfer trailers.


Since 1976, Pitts Trailers is the world’s largest manufacturer of forestry trailers. They are also the leading manufacturer of Lowboy. In the U.S., they supply construction and forestry fleets with a large variant of semi-trailers for hauling. These include chip vans, hydraulic tails, loaders, log trailers, moving floors, and tagalongs.

Polar Tank

Polar Tank Trailers is a customized trailer manufacturer in Minnesota. They design semi-trailers for hauling sensitive materials. Among them are chemicals, corrosives, food, food-grade liquids, hot products, and petroleum. They’re a leading choice among American manufacturers. It’s because their food-grade line meets 3A and sanitary standards.


Reitnouer Trailers is the pioneer manufacturer of boiled aluminum flatbed trailers. A unique feature of their semi-trailers is a safety-tread deck that’s slip-resistant. The brand also manufactures b-trains, drop decks, multi-axles, and other specialty semi-trailers.


Strick Trailers is the number one manufacturer of aluminum sheets and trailers in the United States. The brand is popular for dry van trailers with unbeatable standard features. They mainly support industries like beverage companies, food manufacturers, and sports.


Since 1960, Stoughton Trailers specialized in traditional semi-trailers. They roughly produce 10,000 semi-trailers every year. They also supply semi-trailer parts in the market. These include aluminum sheets, drop frames, extra-wide, tough plates, and Z+ composites. They commonly produce livestock and refrigerated trailers.


Timpte is a 130-year old manufacturer of grain hopper trailers in North America. It boasts of its flagship model called “Super Hopper.” The Super Hopper comes in both 22-foot and 50-foot models and offers 1,000 possible customizations. Such a semi-trailer has been a hit in the hauling industry since 1980. 

Trail King

Founded in 1974, Trail King Industries produces a complete line of trailers. They commonly design semi-trailers for agriculture, constructions, specialized hauling, recycling, transportation, and waste disposal.  They also offer parts replacement, refurbishment, and repair services. 


Towmaster Trailers is a popular manufacturer of tag trailers. All of the semi-trailer parts are made in the U.S. The company merged with Monroe Truck Equipment in 2017. Today, Towmaster designed a specialized trailer. These include deck overs, detachable goosenecks, drop decks, hydraulic dumps, hydraulic tails, and rigid goosenecks.


Utility Trailers is a leader in manufacturing high-value and lightweight semi-trailers. They offer a 5-year warranty on all their units. Utility Trailers have pioneered many trailer technologies in their more than 100 years of existence. Their most popular innovation is the standard foam insulation. Today, they design customizable semi-trailers. These include dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers. 


Founded in 2003, Vanguard National Trailer Corp. is a dry-freight and refrigerated semi-trailers innovator. Their semi-trailers feature composite sidewalls and sheets. They’re ideal for grocery truckloads and multi-temp refrigeration.


There you have it – the best semi trailer manufacturers based on performance and years in the industry. Now, are you looking into buying a brand new semi trailer for your trucking business? Before you call a manufacturer, why not take a look at secondhand semi truck trailers first?

UsedVending offers a wide selection of used semi trailers, more economical yet still in awesome condition. Talk about savings! 

Preventive Maintenance

Routine trailer maintenance minimizes downtime and costly repairs. Let our knowledgeable team identify minor problems before they become major road hazards or repairs with our preventive maintenance service.

Fleet Maintenance

Our goal is to help you prevent safety risks, unplanned downtime and costly repairs. Whether your fleet is small or large, we can create a customized fleet maintenance program based on your unique business needs.

DOT Inspections

Avoid noncompliance. When you trust our experienced team to complete your annual DOT inspection you can be confident that your fleet is in compliance with the highest industry regulatory standards and requirements.

Need a repair estimate? Have questions? Answers and estimates are always free.

When you need to get back on the road, make sure the service shop you choose is as trustworthy as they are capable of repairing your trailer. Our experts will explain all of your options before recommending the best fix.

Truck Repair Shop Services, Semi Truck Repair Shop Near Me
Semi Truck Repair Shop Services
Our Semi Truck Repair shop and Heavy Duty Repair Services can handle any type of repair or maintenance service. We employ ASE certified Heavy Duty Truck mechanics to work on diesel engine repairs and other mechanical components.

Reefer Trailer Repair Thermo King Units, Carrier Transicold Refrigeration Units Repair
Transport Refrigeration Fleet Solutions
Our Fleet Services includes Trucking companies like Swift Trucking, Werner Trucking and many more large and small reefer fleets.

The Shop
Our shop offers 24/7/365 full service bays, includes holidays to keep your fleet running, experienced technicians and a huge stock of new, reconditioned and used OEM replacement parts. All of our technicians are EPA Certified.

National Reefer Truck & Trailer Roadside Assistance
Transport Refrigeration has been servicing both Thermo King and Carrier Transicold refrigerated trailer, truck, van and A.P.U. units. Mobile reefer repair Emergency service.


Whether you run a single temp, multi-temp or hybrid system, our service centers are outfitted to repair your downed reefer unit as quickly as possible. our services are available 24 hour national in The United States and Canada

We service and repair all transport refrigeration Thermo King Units, Carrier Transicold Units, from multi-temp systems to auxiliary power units to idle-free systems. If it's down, damaged or unreliable, call on us. 1-844-888-7587


If it's on wheels, it's in our wheelhouse. Our technicians and mobile response unit repair damaged or malfunctioning refrigeration equipment on intermodal and rail applications. We do it all.

Trucking Companies Keep your Refrigeration Units running with Carrier Transicold and Thermo King quality replacement Parts Our customers includes trucking companies like Swift Trucking, Werner Trucking,

Transport Refrigeration Repair & Service

Mobile Truck Repair Transport Refrigeration has over 60 years of experience servicing both Thermo King and Carrier refrigerated trailer, truck, van and A.P.U. units. We have an excellent inventory of OEM parts to minimize downtime and get your refrigeration units serviced and back on the road. In fact, emergency repair is not only our specialty,


From a single truck or trailer to a fleet of thousands, our Managed Fleet Care program is completely customizable to fit your needs. Whether you need preventative care or bumper to bumper service, Mobile Truck Repair has the solution.

Nationwide U.S. & Canada 24/7/365

Thermo King and Carrier Transicold Alarm Codes & Fault Codes
Our Services includes adding Freon to a reefer

Wherever your haul takes you in The united States and Canada we have eight locations dedicated to serving your every need. We do the work so you can keep trucking across America. Wherever you are, we are just a phone call away.

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